How to choose a photographer for your important corporate photography job?

Once you know what kind of photography you are looking to get commissioned, what next???



Be sure to know what you are looking for

  • Ask a friend or colleague for a recommendation (did do the procedures below)
  • Do a google search
  • Have a good look at their portfolio on line, make sure the quality is a good
  • Look for similar style work that you are going to commission, at least the same genre.
  • Compare the work of different photographers from a shortlist
  • Get a quote. See if that fits in with your budget,  beware of people who are cheap!
  • You could look for reviews of the photographer, but to be honest you'll only find good ones anyway. People don't put bad reviews on their sites.
  • Look at their blogs, see how busy they have been-what they have been working on. (busy is good)
  • Once you have decided, have a face to face meeting with the photographer.
  • Give them a clear and concise brief
  • See what help they may need
Group photograph of Flint London

Group photograph of Flint London